“My own heritage, that of a close relationship with cold water and a passion for adventure beyond the surface, inspires me to examine an essence that speaks for itself. I’m delighted to present my unique take on water and its ways in Texas.”  

The Dane Nils Juul-Hansen, who grew up near the ocean just north of Copenhagen, arrived in Austin in 2001 and found water in a natural limestone pool fed by three springs known as Barton Springs. Throughout his years in Texas he discovered, much to his surprise, the aquifer and creeks and rivers across Texas teeming with beauty.  Nils’ portraits have appeared in advertising and publications such as Texas Monthly and Bon Appetit, but it is his connection with the aquifer that has inspired him to pursue a new direction with his photography.

"In the water a light and a complexity is uncovered that refreshes my memory and imagination. May it touch yours too. There's an incredible expression of life and energy in water."

The sense of moving water in either your office or your home is a bright reminder of nature. These images are best shown unframed so as not to deter from the full experience. Museum grade glass is recommended otherwise.