My grandmother was born in 1887 and was a school teacher as well as an avid photographer. She used a 1907 Kodak Land Camera, as they were known, to photograph her family's outings on the tiny Danish granite island of Bornholm.

I never met my grandmother - she passed away before I was born - yet her photographic passion carried over and spilled into my DNA. I like to think that my success as a photographer is connected to her somehow. 

Recently, I have had a chance to work on personal projects that involved shooting both 35 and medium format film.

Additionally, you can check out my side project called The Divorce Exchange where I attempt to help and empower other divorcing parents. Since 2001 I've called Austin home.

Clients include:

(not alphabetically) Advanced Micro Devices, Dell, United States Air Force, Bank of America, United Health Care, Southwest Airlines, Charles Schwab, Shiner Bock, H&R Block, Purina, Conde Nast Publications, The New York Sunday Times, Newsweek, Texas Monthly and many more.