This is my grandmother and her 1907 Kodak "Landcamera". We share a common passion for photography, and although we never met, I feel very close to her.

My career in photography was inspired by my actor friends in Hollywood back in 1999 when I began taking head shots for my buddies (on Ilford XP2 b/w film - a negative film that is developed using a c41 color process that gives people this amazing skin tone with natural ambient light.). This inadvertently lead me down the road of portraiture and a career in advertising. Since 2001 I've been based in Austin, Texas a small town where grit and hygge, the Danish (Nordic) Zen, commune well.

In 2012, I took time to work on another project, called The Divorce Exchange. Inspired by my own divorce and having to navigate what was best for my two amazing children, I created something that I hoped would empower and motivate other divorcing families.

Today, I’m back to doing photography inspired by different things: people, their stories, and fashion.  I even have a name around these parts when it comes to style: The Dapper Dane. My signature is to put people at ease in front of a camera and create some "hygge" which is the practice of being present, conscious and slowing down. Recently, the only pair of boots available for a Helm shoot were a size 9 and my model wore a size 11! Hygge helped us find the path of least resistance and we got all the shots! 

From my commercial days, my past clients have included:

(not alphabetically) Advanced Micro Devices, Dell, United States Air Force, Bank of America, United Health Care, Southwest Airlines, Charles Schwab, Shiner Bock, H&R Block, Purina, Conde Nast Publications, The New York Sunday Times, Newsweek, Texas Monthly and many more. 


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